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Resource Help For Domestic Abuse & Domestic Violence Victims
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Jireh-Shalom connects victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence with advocacy, education and treatment to address emotional violence, codependency and abusive relationships and to manage anger. We can coordinate financial aid for intervention for women and child victims. We do all this through workshops, seminars and focused, one-on-one consultation and training. LEARN MORE

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The Outworking of Love
This web site promotes advocacy and serves as a resource to connect domestic abuse and domestic violence sufferers with educational materials and treatment programs to cure emotional violence,... Continues...
Jireh-Shalom in 2019: A New Awakening
Background: In February 2002, my niece Keenya and her infant daughter were living with me in my home in Tacoma, Washington. A boy knocked on the door and she opened it for him. The boy, 16-year-old... Continues...

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Founder, Isa Farrington-Nichols

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